Review Rachmaninoff/Shostakovich -

Successful Rachmaninoff


Rachmaninoff's work is still in the tradition of late romanticism, exploring virtuoso as well as melodic aspects down to the last detail, while at the same time integrating the tonal details in an impressive way into his composition. All these facets are presented by Audun Sandvik (cello) and Sveinung Bjelland (piano) in almost perfect form. The listener reveals a musical landscape with a variety of regions that sometimes seem gloomy, sometimes dreamy, sometimes scary and sometimes melancholy-pensive. It is fascinating how Audun Sandvik literally makes his instrument sing, and Sveinung Bjelland conjures up a variety of mood patterns with finely nuanced striking technique and remarkable emotional depth in expression. Especially in the fourth movement, which is the climax of the work, the listener wishes that the music may never end, so much can one let oneself fall into this sea of ​​sound and sing along with the endless cantilenas, or simply enjoy listening to it.